Artspace Company Y presents our 2021 New Artist NFT Reborn Rewards where one can receive rewards for submitting/selling art. The Charity event is named “Connected Fragments” that is inspired by female gallerist and artist Miharu Yamamoto-Pike. The first physical PopUp show(s) include decades of ePublishing and digital art registered on blockchain computer networks as NFTs (non fungible tokens).

The Yamamoto and Pike family-owned businesses have a long history of over 60 years producing high end fine art images, from analog continuous tone plate-making in the mid-1980s to high-resolution digital archiving / registering of copyrighted work and legal support on progressively more advanced media. The results are secured digital cloud archiving, blockchain tested methods and fine arts on Indigo / Epson, Screen, Komori and Heidelberg devices. Artspace Company Y is now thrilled to be adding NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to its collection. The extensive archives include original works by Takeshi Kawashima, Keith Haring, Robert Rauschenberg, Yoshi Higa, Hajime Sorayama and numerous museum held artists as well as emerging artists.

ePub and our Blockchain NFT technology with Reborn Reward Giveaways during 2021 has changed art by keeping it interactively alive as editions and now NFTs. Imagine if your own music band broke up or Nike production stopped meant your music or designer sneaker may disappear forever .... look at the blockchain and see evidence of what's going on.

After a year of a quarantine, artists are excited to resume exhibiting. This with the quidance of Yamamoto- Pike team of women curators. Lead curation by Ayako Bando and safe viewing of art in person. coordinated by Jon and Seth Pike / SALES Phone: (212)252-9122

Miharu Yamamoto--Pike, founder of Artspace Company Y, third from right wearing scarf and her husband Jon at left side. circa 2014 Hikosan Nagomi Hotel, Soeda.